We develop next-generation CRM systems with AI capabilities

Tech innovation that transforms the CRM experience for your users and your business

Capture leads faster and convert smarter with custom-made CRM solutions by Klika

Technological advances made it possible for sales and marketing teams to personalize their relationships with customers and leads, and we can bring innovative solutions to help you build strong relationships with leads and customers.

We help clients build a new generation of CRMs that come with built-in features that automate an array of manual tasks and keep the pipelines highly organized and easy to use.

With nine years of experience in building and maintaining CRMs for the sales industry and sales departments, Klika business analysts and software developers can build a CRM system that centers around the user and help you organize contacts and leads with features such as automated lead capturing from multiple sources, communication tracking, mass email templates, last contact data, invoice management and much more.

By developing automated workflows, we enable automated data entry, easy tracking of lead engagement/activity and better targeted campaigns. Using ML, ANN and NLP, we can further expand the system’s capabilities with AI features and ad-ons for reliable and accurate predictions and sales forecasts, audio-to-text transcriptions, smart call-to-action functionalities and removal of errors and duplicate records.

The Klika team can also help you boost an existing CRM by adding new features designed to enhance performance, save time and increase ROI. From web-based and desktop applications to mobile apps for iOS and Android, we can power your CRM from all angles. To fit different client needs, we build custom CRMs for smaller teams, as well as for large enterprises with various customizable features and filters you can use to further personalize the relationships to individual contacts and customers.

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Expertise we offer

CRM for web

With teams specializing in backend, frontend and UX/UI, we can design and develop a powerful CRM system that is reliable, flexible and comes with a variety of customizable features. Whether you need a simple or advanced CRM, Klika experts can provide you with a solution to fit your current and future market needs.

CRM for mobile

With mobile developers for iOS and Android, we are able to bring your CRM to smart phones with custom-made and user-friendly design that seamlessly integrates with the desktop version and provides insight in real-time data. Data sync is enabled even when you are offline, allowing you to search, modify and update the CRM in offline mode.We make sure data encryption and access controls are in place to grant the highest level of security and protection of sensitive data.

Third-party integration

To make the CRM as smooth as possible, we make sure it integrates well with all major third-party providers, i.e., your inhouse systems, calendar, email, other CRMs and any other platforms you actively use. Data import and export are also enabled.

Cloud integration

We can help you store and host your CRM on the cloud whether you prefer AWS, Azure or other cloud providers. W will educate you on the benefits of each cloud platform and what solutions work best for you based on the volume of data and your business size.

Data and analysis and visualization models

We employ different toolkits to automate seamless data acquisition from multiple sources and use various data analytics tools to extract data and create data visualization models for business intelligence. In this way, we can make your CRM a valuable asset in defining future business strategies based on reliable data.

AI features

Klika experts are able to develop AI-based CRMs or upgrade your existing ones with AI capabilities that enable various possibilities, like smart predictions and forecasts, smart alerts and call-to-action features, predictive analytics models, and audio-to-text transcriptions. We use ML, NLP, and ANN to train data to recognize patterns and context and detect anomalies in the system to bring new valuable insights to the surface.

Intelligent virtual assistant

With our tech expertise, we can further advance your CRM with an interactive intelligent virtual assistant that can send emails, schedule meetings, set reminders, dial a contact, and update lead status based on your instructions. A virtual assistant helps teams perform more efficient by taking over tedious and bureaucratic tasks off their shoulders.

Tools we use

Ruby on Rails

Industries we serve

We help clients in different industries craft powerful design solutions that speak to their respective users and drive their business by pinpointing user problems and eliminating bottlenecks in user-product communication.

Our clients

Revolutionizing the CRM experience together with Spiro.ai

Klika and Spiro.ai teamed up in 2014 to design a next-generation CRM called the PRM (Proactive Relationship Management).

Using innovative technologies, the goal was to build a proactive platform that will make better use of data and give precise call to actions and better overall management of leads and pipelines.