Turn data into your best tool to identify business needs and ROI opportunities

Klika experts build custom data models and datasets for large-volume and complex data across industries.

We work with clients who process billions of data points daily and help discover hidden behavioral patterns using data science.

Working with different data sources, data types and big data technologies, we can easily identify a roadmap for comprehensive data classification and interpretation.

Advanced data analytics like statistical analysis, data mining, deep learning and machine learning are some of the techniques we use to help companies build reliable data model strategies from extraction to visualization.

Working in the IoT domain, where data is exchanged every second, we have experts in place to handle large data volumes coming from different devices and sensors, especially in the health and wellness market. Besides IoT, we have experience in fintech and finance and banking where we work on complex all-around data solutions.

With a dedicated data science team, we prepare, clean, process, automate, store and transform raw data into usable inputs in various formats and help clients gain actionable insights and plan business strategies on informed decisions.

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Expertise we offer

ETL I ELT architecture

To set up the right foundation for any kind of data extraction, we can develop well-designed, secure, and reliable ETL and or ELT architecture to clean, filter and structure data into a readable and insightful format. We use ETL for well- structured data and ELT for more complex data sets that require real-time processing.

Data warehousing 

We build, manage, and maintain data warehouses that serve as a reliable source of real-time information across departments. Cloud or premise-based, our team manages, updates and polishes data warehouses on an ongoing basis and offers continuous support.

Data visualization

With extensive knowledge and training in power BI, Tableau, D3.j.s. and other modern tools, we combine knowledge and technology to deliver user-friendly data visualization models in all forms, i.e., heat maps, tree maps and others to bring specific data to the foreground.

Predictive modeling

We use statistical modeling to develop predictive models based on historic data and help our clients confidently foresee business outcomes, sales numbers, behaviors, and trends. Using reliable data science methodologies, the best tools, and expert knowledge, we develop, test and validate predictive data models for easily readable inputs.

Machine Learning

Based on the volume and structure of your database, we can build suitable algorithms to train your data to predict behaviors and advance feature performance. We apply Deep Learning to help clients across industries target specific needs, like data entry automation, customer segmentation, financial analysis, ROI predictions, and more.

Big data technologies

With a deep understanding of advanced technologies used for big data processing and automation all the way to data visualization, we can help you maximize the potential of technologies like Hadoop, TensorFlow, Spark, SQL, and NoSQL to gain maximum insight.

Customized solutions

Strongly focused on tackling unique business needs, we customize data solutions to help you gain insights into precisely targeted areas of your business.

Cloud solutions for big data

With extensive knowledge in AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and hybrid cloud solutions, our teams help clients select the best and most cost-effective approach to big data in the cloud. From design and implementation of custom cloud data architecture to helping you identify parameters and patterns with the right data analytics tools, we make sure your data strategy works for you.

Tools we use

Adobe XD
Adobe XD
Adobe XD

Our clients

Klika implements data science solutions for IoT 

We are the core development team behind a successful retailer that builds smart beds run on IoT technology, collecting and handling billions of  biometric data on a daily basis. Our smart embedded and software solutions incorporate big data analytics and visualization models which help the company store, transform and interpret biometric data which are further used for sleep science research and improvement of customer experience.

As the core development team, we designed the hardware and firmware of the IoT device, developed native mobile apps, a web application, and Customer Portal, all of which provide deep insights into the rich world of data.

How we work?

First, we take time to make a proper assessment of your needs and data quality to be able to present you with the best strategy for your data.

We communicate with you in detail all the steps that need to be taken, the technologies the project requires and the deadlines.

After we agree on the requirements and criteria, we start the development process and keep you actively involved throughout the process, with daily meetings, progress reports, and demos. When we deliver your product, we stay available for service.

Why us?

High-quality data analytics for maximum information of value

To help business get the most out of big data, Klika combines the right kinds of technologies and experts to unlock the full potential of big data. We make sure to build high-quality solutions, choose the most convenient storage options and have the best people navigate big data extraction and transformation processes.

In-depth expertise in Hadoop and other big data tools and technologies

Our experts are fluent in Hadoop and Apache Stark, some of the most powerful open-source frameworks to derive value from Big Data. Our engineers are well-versed in Hive, Pig, Impala, Oozie and other Hadoop components and are always aiming to produce maximum value out of the Hadoop ecosystem.

Industry-specific knowledge

We combine business domain experience, broad technical expertise and a quality-driven delivery model to create innovative solutions. Our professionals have wide experience in developing big data models and systems for different markets.

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