Keep valuable data in check with the best data warehousing models

We build, manage and maintain data warehouses that represent a reliable real-time source of information across departments.

Data warehouses built by Klika generate data ready for use and analysis.

To generate real value from large data inflows collected from different sources and pools, we build automated pipelines and reliable warehouses where data are stored and sorted safely.

With years of expertise, we are able to transform raw data into high-quality data optimized for analytics and insights with built-in analytics tools, ML platforms and BI predictive analytics. Our DevOps and security analysts make sure data are protected and secure at all times.

We design and implement data warehouse models and migration strategies that help businesses shift to data-driven decision-making and adopt a data-driven business model. From cloud migration to securing data across devices and services, Klika data engineers and DevOps can help you handle and organize all data passing through your system.

We allow companies to gain maximum value from all their data sources by building, managing and maintaining data warehouses, which reduces downtime and serves as a reliable source of real-time data across departments. Our team manages, updates and polishes data warehouses on an ongoing basis and offers continuous support.

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Expertise we offer

Data warehouse migration to the Cloud 

With Klika experts on your team, you can optimize data usage and data storage. We will help you build the best cloud strategy that saves costs and optimizes performance. We configure the cloud technology to adapt to your workload and shrink and expand on demand.

Data warehouse support

We can adjust, optimize and assess your current data warehouse needs and eliminate bottlenecks in your data flows and provide all the support you need with your existing data warehouse.

Design and Implementation

Klika can help you pick the best data warehouse model and deliver a prototype based on deep insights. We develop complex data warehouses, integrate data sources, automate data processing, and generate BI reports to help you recognize and seize new opportunities.

From Hadoop to Snowflake, we use cutting-edge options to provide you with the best data organization models that will keep you up to speed.

Tools we use

Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server
Power BI

Our clients

Klika’s powerful technology supports a market-leading smart bed retailer

We are the core development team behind retailer builds smart beds run on IoT technology, collecting and handling billions of biometric data on a daily basis. Our smart embedded and software solutions incorporate big data analytics and visualization models, which help the company store, transform and interpret biometric data which are further used for sleep science research and improvement of customer experience.

As the core development team, we designed the hardware and firmware of the IoT device, developed native mobile apps, a web application, and a Customer Portal, all of which provide deep insights into the rich world of data.

How we work?

A strategy in line with your needs

We will review your existing systems and assess scalability, security and capability and create a suitable framework to manage risk and reduce downtime.

We will analyze current data reporting approaches and Machine Learning models you have in place and assess existing data sources.

We put the best team for the job and provide you with a cost estimate. We review the quality of your data and provide you with a design for the data warehouse and an ETL architecture.

We will design the database and integrate data sources and create ETL models and migrate past data into the warehouse. We will implement data quality checks and automate them and create a stable and always accessible data warehouse that is secure and up and running at all times.

We stay available for support and maintenance, scaling needs, and continuous cost optimization.

We work with Azure, Google Cloud and AWS and have extensive experience in leveraging the tools and technologies for optimizing costs and performance.

Why us?

Focus on quality data

Meaningful data is the best data and solutions developed by Klika give enterprises all they need to assess, store and retrieve data that bring meaning to the context.

Data engineering

The pristine data engineers on our team are up to date with the best technologies needed for data mining, data automation, data security, and data storage.

Certified experts

We have certified DevOps experts in AWS services,, and have dozens of other experts on our team that have a deep understanding of cloud solutions, data platforms and on and off-site storage options.

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