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With hardware, firmware and software expertise, Klika offers an all-around approach to IoT development and implementation

From design to deployment, we offer our clients an all-around service to help them bring their IoT product to market fast and easy.

Klika has invested in building multidisciplinary teams to build IoT products from start to finish. With hardware, firmware, and software experts, we build IoT electronic devices for mass use in different industries and develop the compatible software for web, mobile and complex enterprise systems.

Having designed, developed and deployed tailored IoT solutions, we can help you address and overcome complex challenges specific to IoT development, regardless if you need a specific device design, PoC, production-ready product or integration with your existing IoT device.

Our experts have a thorough understanding of hardware and software integration, wireless communication protocols and networks required to make your product run impeccable. We can help with choosing the right hardware and software components based on your existing systems and products, like sensors, gateways and actuators to make sure to offer you the best possible and most cost-efficient option currently available in the market.

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Expertise we offer

Schematic Design, Layout Design and Circuit Simulation

Klika’s dedicated hardware team is experienced in designing custom schematics and supporting all kinds of PCB layouts (single and double-sided, multilayer, etc.). We build prototypes, carry out POC/MVP validation and field testing and conduct manufacturing preparations to help you get the most out of your product. We specialize in analog and digital circuit design and perform electrical circuit simulation to make sure all components are tested and optimized before the design stage.

Hardware design and prototyping

From hardware POCs and prototypes to manufacturable products, our team can help you build and polish your IoT device, starting with the right hardware components and design. We have fully equipped laboratories and work with a variety of technologies and manufacturers to support different business needs. We help  our clients find the most cost-efficient solutions and provide guidance on components, costs and manufacturability.

Firmware architecture design

Based on your product requirements, we can design a custom architecture with a high level of flexibility and compatibility, whether you need a bare metal or RTOS-based design. This includes selecting critical components and communication protocols, as well as designing the bootloader, BSP, drivers, OS and app design. We have extensive experience in firmware development for microcontrollers produced by popular semiconductor vendors like NXP, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Microchip, and others.

Embedded software design

We have experts in place that are specifically trained in embedded software development and embedded Linux system design that allows us to build advanced features and smooth interfaces. We are able to integrate embedded solutions to the cloud and make sure you can scale anytime you need.

RTOS and bare-metal development

Our dedicated embedded team builds devices that collect, process, and send  a large amount of data from various sensors in real time. We specialize in porting and developing bare metal and RTOS-based applications including low-level developments (BPS, drivers, firmware) and middleware (OS and connectivity). Our experience includes working with real-time operating systems (RTOS) such as FreeRTOS, embOS, MQX, and Contiki.

Firmware Consulting

Based on our extensive expertise, we can provide detailed architecture and code analysis and make suggestions on how to improve your product through refactoring or redesign.

Automation Testing

As an agile-driven team, we have experience in developing custom automation testing solutions and frameworks to deliver reliable high-performing products.

Mobile apps for IoT devices

Our mobile developers can design and develop seamless native and hybrid mobile apps that allow connecting and controlling your IoT devices via smart phones, enabling users a smooth experience and an insight into real-time data.

Cloud integration

With cloud engineers and DevOps on our teams, we can design, implement, and maintain a scalable cloud architecture for your IoT product that can run on different cloud environments, not restricting you to a specific cloud vendor. Being CI/CD-driven, we automate different processes, including deployment, testing and resource optimization to minimize errors and boost performance.

Data Analytics

Besides building IoT devices, our teams have developed accompanying solutions for collecting, storing and organizing large amounts of data from sensors and devices. We build complex data warehouses and data visualization models, automate data processing and integrate data sources to help our clients generate BI reports for deep insights. From Hadoop to Snowflake, we use cutting-edge options to provide you with optimized organization models.

Tools we use

Adobe XD
Adobe XD

Industries we serve

We help clients in different industries craft powerful design solutions that speak to their respective users and drive their business by pinpointing user problems and eliminating bottlenecks in user-product communication.

Our clients

Klika’s powerful technology supports a market-leading smart bed retailer

We are the core development team behind retailer builds smart beds run on IoT technology, collecting and handling billions of biometric data on a daily basis. Our smart embedded and software solutions incorporate big data analytics and visualization models, which help the company store, transform and interpret biometric data which are further used for sleep science research and improvement of customer experience.

As the core development team, we designed the hardware and firmware of the IoT device, developed native mobile apps, a web application, and a Customer Portal, all of which provide deep insights into the rich world of data.

How we work?

Product design, PoC and design verification

We will first determine your needs, define the requirements together with you and create a roadmap. After that, our team will advise you on the most suitable tech stack and architecture design before moving to product design, Proof of Concept, and selection of hardware components.

We maintain a close collaboration during development

Maintaining a close relationship with our clients is an essential part of our business model. We participate in daily syncs and daily scrums with your team and prepare regular demos to keep you updated on the progress. During the development stage, we make sure development and testing go hand in hand to achieve faster time to market and better product quality.

Deployment and configuration

We make sure to properly install your IoT device and have it up and running with secure network access. Focused on highly flexible solutions, we make sure it is properly configured and integrates smoothly with your existing platform and third-party providers.


We stay available for maintenance, ongoing integration and software and firmware updates, as well as update testing and any other kind of support you need.

Why us?

Multidisciplinary team for IoT development at all stages

With senior experts in embedded systems and software development, as well as cloud engineers, UX/UI designers, DevOps, QAs and data scientists, not only do we deliver IoT solutions, but we also build  powerful systems and platforms behind IoT devices for the best business results.

Custom hardware and firmware designs at optimum cost

We make sure every part fits perfectly and all components are configured, tested and optimized and ready for use. We take all aspects of your business into consideration before developing and verifying the most suitable prototype.

Dedicated team

Klika ensures that the product lives through all its phases, from initial scoping and design to implementation and testing. From design to production, we are there to support the process, including maintenance, user training, and additional professional consulting.

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