January 16, 2023

++MAG, Klika’s magazine

Dear readers,

We are proud to present you the first issue of ++MAG, Klika’s magazine, which at the same time, represents the first magazine in BiH for the IT community.

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mockup featuring-a-man-holding-an-open-magazine-in-his-living-room-3386-el1
mockup of-a-man-reading-a-magazine-on-a-desk-3381-el1-%281%29
mockup of-a-man-reading-a-magazine-at-home-3389-el1-%281%29
It was made with the desire to create a space for exchange of experiences of local experts and it represents a source of information for experienced IT professionals and aspiring young people, as well as all IT enthusiasts. We are especially proud to have decided to publish it in the BHS language to further emphasize the role of IT in the domestic surrounding.

Scroll through to find interesting takes on current hot topics in IT, different tips and tricks, interviews with some of our employees and life at Klika.
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