Build faster and better with Python

We rely on Python to build prototypes and efficient ML/AI solutions

We create backend, frontend and cloud solutions with Python to help our clients extend their capabilities with utmost efficiency.

Python is used in a variety of industries and cases, and its readability, reliability and automation capabilities make it a favorite across development teams, especially when it comes to data analytics, machine learning and prototyping.

Due to its convenience, we use it in numerous projects, mostly to develop ML solutions, data science solutions and automation of testing tools. Python is a great choice for fast prototyping, giving fast insight into an app’s performance and client feedback.

Our teams easily develop RESTful APIs, full-stack web applications and build scalable data pipelines using modern Python libraries and frameworks such as Flask, Django, and FastAPI.

Python has countless libraries that make the development process easier which translates to faster solutions and proven code performance. Klika experts are fluent in the many libraries, including Tensorflow, and can provide you with scalable and secure apps and solutions in line with your needs.

Python is one of the most compatible programming languages and is easy to integrate with languages such as Java, C++ or Go, which gives developers more freedom to combine the benefits of different tech stacks for the best results.

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Expertise we offer

Data analytics and data visualization

We have experience in building data analytics and data visualization tools that process billions of data on a daily basis. Our multi-disciplinary teams, including Python experts, build, tweak and/or integrate analytics tools to clean, mine and prepare data for insights. We build user-friendly data dashboards that can be easily used across departments. Klika Python experts can help businesses process large datasets and create visualizations to make data more understandable to tech and non-tech teams.

Custom software solutions

Python is an excellent choice to build custom software solutions. Whether you need a fully powered solution by Python or integrate one on top of your system, our team can help you build and/or customize your own powerful software. Our Python developers work on omni-channel platform development and integration and use Python for highly customer-centric features, like chatbots, SMS integration and voiceover.

Machine learning and AI

Python is one of the most widely used languages for ML and AI. Klika has expertise in Python libraries such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and scikit-learn. We use Python for building ML/AI custom features in a number of industries, from health and wellness to fintech and sales. We can automate repetitive manual tasks, data retrieval and data entry, as well as sensor readings and build forecasting features based on customer/user behavior and patterns.

Scripting and web scraping

Python is a great choice for scripting tasks, as well as for file processing, web scraping, and data cleaning. Our teams can write efficient scripts to automate numerous tasks. We are well-versed in using BeautifulSoup and Scrapy for scraping the web and extracting data from various sources for business intelligence and analysis purposes.

Web app development

We use Python-based frameworks such as Django, Flask and FastAPI to build scalable, functional and secure web apps for all types of operating systems (Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.) and can help you set up your web app regardless of its complexity.

Testing and quality assurance

Klika's Python experts can help businesses ensure quality of their software by writing automated tests using frameworks such as PyTest. Test automation reduces the likelihood of bugs and errors and maximizes code performance.

Integration with other technologies

Python is a versatile language that can be easily integrated with other technologies. We can help businesses integrate Python with other systems such as their existing databases, APIs, as well as other programming languages, such as Java or Go.

IoT and embedded systems

Python's flexibility and efficiency make it a good fit for IoT and embedded systems. Klika's developers have used Python to build and power smart small devices and systems, and we can help you boost your own IoT and embedded devices.

Consultation and training

Klika experts provide consultation and training services to help businesses leverage the power of Python. This includes guidance on best practices, code reviews and training sessions for developers.

Tools we use


Our clients

We use Python to power omnichannel communication for a more personalized customer experience

Klika  is partners with one of the leading customer-engagement platform providers for omnichannel communication in the Middle East. The unique platform unifies multiple communication channels in one place, enabling clients to reach their customers easier across any channel they want. 

From personalized marketing to helping businesses scale their customer support services with automation and integration, we have been providing cloud, backend and frontend expertise and assist with the development of SMS services, voiceover, chatbots and other platform features that automate and enhance B2C communication and customer engagement.

How we work?

First, we make a proper assessment of your needs, gain an insight into your business goals and the industry you operate in to be able to assemble the right team for the project.

We communicate with you in detail all the steps that need to be taken, the technologies and tools the project requires and  suggest a timeline for completion.

After agreeing on the requirements, criteria, team size and frameworks, we move onto the development stage. We stay in touch in touch on a daily basis and report progress regularly. Once the product is delivered, we stay available for service management and full support.

Why us?

A holistic customer-oriented approach

We maintain close relationships with customers to define coherent and intuitive solutions, which allows us to create engaging user experiences that are as strong as the technology behind them.

End-to-end service

We provide end-to-end software development, including planning, product discovery, product design, development, testing, training, and support. In that way, we are able to offer multidisciplinary expertise at one place, reduce communication overhead and improve time-to-market.

Reliability and transparency

With Klika, you get full insight into your project’s progress. We keep you involved on a daily basis (i.e., daily meetings, syncs, etc.) and we provide you with regular demos and updates on the project’s milestones, as well as any obstacles emerging in the process.

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